Environmental and Health Issues

"Safety first."

We have to make sure that our products are manufactured and handled in a way that will not compromise human life and environment at any point. As Metsan we are responsible for raising environmental awareness and maintaining human safety and security within our organization. 

We are continuing our activities in accordance with the most updated local environmental and safety regulations to ensure a safe working environment in our factory, our offices and our laboratories. We are updating ourselves systematically via training programs and seminars organized for the purpose of increasing environmental awareness.

We aim to ensure that we are qualified to prevent and respond to any potential danger that may occur within the boundaries of our facilities. With our well-equipped emergency response and fire-fighting teams created under the guidance of our Work Health and Workers' Safety consultants, we are prepared for potential accidents and emergencies.

We make sure that all the hazardous materials that may form as a result of aforementioned possible dangers, as every other hazardous waste that threatens the environment, are transferred and disposed of in line with the waste management plan we have implemented in our company and in accordance with the local regulations. 

We approach with utmost precision to our process of taking necessary precautions to protect environment. We aim to minimize the emission of air pollutants by passing the air that emerges out of our ventilation system through several filters.



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