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EMS DUBELL F.1711 Chemical Anchor


High quality general purpose vinylester based two component system that has been specially formulated for anchoring of wide variety of construction applications. Used widely for medium loads in both horizontal and with its thixotropic feature even in vertical applications. Since it is formulated free of styrene, it has very low odour and is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. EASF has three version for various climate conditions.

  • EASF: Normal working and loading time
  • EASF-A: Faster working and loading time for arctic (up to -20 ºC) climate
  • EASF-E: Slower working and loading time for hot climate

Technical Details



Main component

Epoxy Acrylate

Specific Gravity


Temperature range

-40°C +80°C

Package Size

Inventory Code Product Code Packaging Inner box Box Palette
0 F1711 300 ml 20 1,500
0 F1711 345 ml 12 1,200
0 F1711 410 ml 12 1,200
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